hello, beginner help

Hi, just signed up but have been reading here.
Most of this configuration stuff is confusing to me.
I was hoping to get a little help.

Can someone help me make a touchbar button that toggles the keyboard backlight light ON/OFF. I would like the ON position to be the lowest brightness (1/4 bar). Honestly, in dark environments even that's too bright.

Also i notice that the btt touchbar goes away and the default one comes on. I have unchecked "Show macOS Control Strip".
I was able to make a keyboard shortcut that toggles the btt touchbar back ON. This seems to work when I am in an app but when I am on FInder the keyboard shortcut doesn't work.
Any advice would be appreciated.

PS, even though this app is very complicated to me I have been able to make some shortcuts and customize Window Snapping to my liking. Very happy to have purchased the lifetime license and hope to learn more on how to use this app!