Heads-Up Display

Could I ask you a quick question? The HUD that appears when a shortcut is used: is there any way to make it translucent?

Best wishes and many thanks


yes, you can use the predefined action "show hud" to show a customized version

I am really sorry, Andreas. I'm not very technically advanced and I don't actually know how to do that. I appreciate that you're busy but could you possibly walk me through how to do this, step by step?

I have a series of actions set up with gestures on my Mac trackpad. This is for things like save, delete, capitalise, and works very well. However, although it is very helpful to have the HUD appear for each of these actions, the fact that it is opaque and blocks the text beneath is problematic. I'm wondering if there is a way to make all these HUD's, which appear for each of my programmed actions, be translucent rather than opaque?

you would add the show hud action as an additional action to your exsting action sequences like this: