Have you ever considered a broader name for BTT?

I am sure that the BTT feature set has grown over the years, and that BTT reflects those first abilities. But all these years later, I completely ignored BTT for the simple (and only) reason that I didn't think I owned any devices compatible with it, based on the name alone! I can't be the only one with that false impresssion, which BTT does not deserve.

Have you considered a name that makes it clear that a touch-capable device is not required? Even BTT's description on Macupdate.com merely says "Customize multi-touch trackpad gestures."

That makes it seem very limited, when nothing could be further from the truth! :slight_smile:

It took reading about someone using it for keyboard macros in a random post that I stumbled across to even let me know it was something I could use, let alone an extremely worthy product.

While a name change would be painful, it could also bring more customers.


I'm still very happy with the name. It's easy to google, very popular and has been there for more than 10 years (and 'touch' basically works for all supported input devices)

The name definitely won't be changed, however I agree that the description on Macupdate should be changed.