have difficulty understanding how to configure "type key sequence"

I very much enjoy and use the type key sequences, but ran into timing (pauses) problems between keypress which created between sequences.
I was very happy to see that this issue was addressed in the latest update but am confused as to how to implement the new features. Adjusting pauses using a sliding scale is not intuitive for me.

Since I am not very intelligent, I am looking for basic rules to follow.

A lot of my keys are sequences of modifier keys.

let's start with a basic problem:

How would I set the sliding scale pauses to differentiate ⇧⇧ from ⇧⇧⌘ from ⇧⇧⌘⌥

thanks in advance for your time and help

You would need to set the value for "Trigger only if no further keyboard input is recognized for" to a value other than 0. For example 0.5 should work.

This means if you type ⇧⇧, BTT will wait 0.5 seconds before actually triggering the assigned action for ⇧⇧. If within these 0.5 seconds the ⌘ key appears, it will not trigger the ⇧⇧ but instead start the ⇧⇧⌘ "waiting". If then no ⌥ appears within 0.5 seconds, it will trigger the assigned actions for ⇧⇧⌘ , otherwise it will trigger the actions for ⇧⇧⌘⌥

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thank you very much @Andreas_Hegenberg !

the new key sequencing is absolutely extraordinary. @Andreas_Hegenberg , you are a genius !

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