Haptic Feedback

Tried out a cool little app for the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. It adds haptic feedback to the Touch Bar using the haptic engine beneath the trackpad. Unfortunately, it does not work with the custom buttons created within BTT.

Do you think this is an option that could be added, i.e., haptic feedback when any option is selected?

Here's a link to the App in question:

To be clear, not suggesting you take this guys IP, just provide BTT users the very basic ability to turn on/off such physical feedback. Alternatively, if the two of you collaborated/shared info, I (and likely others) would be happy to support both applications.


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You can activate haptic feedback for all BTT buttons already, but I currently don't plan to add it to system buttons due to the increased energy usage that causes.

In the general Touch Bar settings in BTT:

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Well, I'll be. That'll teach me to dig through pref sheets prior to posting. Truth be told though, I probably wouldn't have found it, so thanks for the quick response.

One follow-up...by system buttons, I assume you mean the default buttons provided by contextual apps. Does just having the option use energy or did you mean excessive energy when used. If the latter, couldn't it be provided just as an option with a warning?

I've been trying to restart BTT and redownload but I cannot enable haptic feedback using the features listed above. Please advise.

Doesn't seems to work everywhere.

In my case, it works for the Sound slider widget but not the Brightness slider widget.

I haven't been able to make it works for custom buttons even with using the dedicated action ("Perform Haptic Feedback on Trackpad")

@Andreas_Hegenberg The feature is not working for me. I got the most recent version and it's not working on my custom buttons.