Hangs and Beachballs… is it me?

Okay, here's my setup. M1 Mac running Montery 12.3.1, BTT and Karabiner. I've got a USB-A Razer Tartarus that runs though a dongle/hub connected to the USB-C. Karabiner has remapped the keys on the Razer to shift-control combos, and I'm trying to use BTT to map those to the commands replicate what I can used on my pre-M1 Razer Tartarus setup. The goal is to have a macropad that I can I can use for Photoshop and Clip Studio.

So BTT runs fine, until I plug in the Razer/hub at which point BTT just kind of hangs. Anytime I try to click on something in BTT, I get the beachball. If I disconnect it, I can use BTT as normal. And, if I have a BTT Trigger that changes Shift-Control-F to a simple W made before I plug in the Razer, when I plug in the Razer I get nothing.

Any ideas what I can do to fix this or what I'm doing wrong?