Hanging behavior with menubar icon.

When I use the menubar icon, the first attempted task of the session hangs until the focus on BTT is "re-focussed" by clicking on the menubar icon.

For instance, after a fresh boot in the morning, if I click on "Check for Alpha Version Updates" it shows the pop-up window, unendingly until I click on the menubar, and then it finishes.

It's not just updates. This happens for whatever option I choose as my first request from the menubar icon...."Configuration" "Updates" "Website" links.... After this first hang, all subsequent requests fire immediately.

Today I noticed it especially at one point, because my first request was still "hanging" and I was trying to spotlight open BTT and it was not opening. I looked at the menubar, and the icon was highlighted; I clicked, and it was responsive again.

M1 Mini...latest Alpha build.

Weird, do you have the Notch Bar feature activated?

Notch bar is not enabled. I have the Process Priority Helper active.

I was able to replicate it just now. I clicked on the community link from the menubar, nothing happened, but the menubar was highlighted in its square while I did other things (like the screenshot editing):

Then I clicked on the menubar icon, and it finished my request and brought up the website.

Other menubar items respond normally, only BTT is hanging/suspending without focus on first request.

Edit: I see I can replicate it more, it sometimes happens on later requests. I didn't notice because I am not usually clicking on menubar commands that often.

While it is hanging I can click on other app menubar items and they respond, and I can activate other processes. But when I click on the BTT icon it wakes up and finishes whatever request I made, minutes later.

same here

MBP 2017

can you verify that this is fixed in v3.786?

All of my TouchBar Triggers that are within groups are hanging when I click them after I just updated the app today. It freezes the entire app. I can't get anything done.

Also, I'm getting the same update problem, it just keeps loading

I fixed my issue, I had to delete "delay next action" actions.

while your touch bar issue is not related to the issue discussed here, it would still be interesting what kind of action sequences didn't work for you anymore. Do you have an example?

I have a Touch Bar group that contains different buttons to resize windows (like left half, right half, left third, right third, etc.). However, to get that group to close automatically after 30 seconds, I have disabled that group icon and instead created another action button representing the group, which when clicked triggers the "open Touch Bar group" action, followed by a "delay next action by 30 seconds", followed by "Close currently open Touch Bar group".

I had to delete the delay action and the action to close the group for the triggers to work again and not freeze the app. This was working before updating today.

Ah it was kind of a bug that caused this to work before. For your usecase I'll introduce a new non-blocking, asynchronous "delay" action with the next update.

Oh that would be wonderful, thank you for the help. It is much appreciated

I updated.

So far, I couldn't get it to hang. When I open menubar-items they are all responsive on first click.

If I ever notice it again in the future, I'll note it.

Thanks for the update...


I’m also having the same problem. BTT won’t launch at all and the menu bar icon is stuck in a persistent unresponsive state for weeks now. Currently using version 3.781. Licensed through setapp. macOS 12.4. Please help.