GPT actions customization

I use the GPT transform action A TON and I can't thank you enough for incorporating in into BTT. A couple of questions/suggestions:

1 - Would it be possible to customize the floating HUD with the brain? I would love to use a custom icon for each GPT action executed.

2 - A key feature that would greatly benefit me is the ability to cancel an action by pressing the escape key or a custom 'x' button on the HUD. Sometimes, I realize that I have entered the wrong input and I have to wait for the action to finish before starting over. Additionally, there are instances where the processing time is too long, and the responses are pasted in an unexpected window while I have moved on from the GPT action. Being able to cancel the action would be very helpful in these situations.

That should be doable, I'll have a look!

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For the HUD:
I think adding a separate "show hud" action before the transform should work (disable the standard show hud option):

You can adjust its size and position

Awesome idea! My main concern was that I didn't know how to make the HUD go away right when the GPT has responded. The way I solved is adding a "in progress" HUD with 10secs and "hide immediately after another HUD is being presented" setting before, and "completed" HUD after the action. Works flawlessly!