Good way to display multiple two-line items?

I am now creating a touchbar widget for displaying output from a background app (by running python script). The output usually is comprised of multiple items, with each one organized in two lines. For example:

Item1-infoA Item2-infoA
Item1-infoB Item2-infoB

Ideally, two lines for an item should align properly. My current approach is to store the content of two lines respectively then print one by one. However it is weird that even after I pad strings with spaces to make two lines of an item have the same length before printing out, they are not consistently displayed on touchbar. Different length, padding spaces do not have effect it seems.

I am not sure what causes this inconsistency between script output and actual tb display. Also if there is a better approach for fulfilling my need, that would be even better.

Thank you.