GoldenChaos-BTT: The complete Touch Bar UI replacement

New experimental version! Weather widget icon fix + new native calendar widget integration!

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.167 (Experimental) Changelog:

  • [Calendar] Replaced built-in calendar support with BetterTouchTool's new native calendar widgets
    • iCalBuddy is still required for reminders until the next GC-BTT version
  • [Weather] Fixed the day and night icons for Partly Cloudy being swapped in the menu bar
  • [Dock Badges] New dock badges for:
    • Carrot Weather
    • OmniFocus
    • Deliveries

Known Issues

  • The home strip calendar widget will take up empty space if there are no events.
  • The text on the calendar widget is too small.

Roadmap to Stable

To get to the next stable version faster, I've cut a few smaller features. I'll revisit them as soon as the new stable version is out.

Once this stable version is released I'm going to rethink how I brand these releases, since the experimental channel ended up becoming more stable than the stable version.

  • Integrate upcoming native Reminders widget
    • Finally removing the iCalBuddy dependency
  • Finish system information group
    • Polish up battery widget displays
    • CPU usage widget
    • CPU temperature widget
    • Memory usage widget
    • Storage information (multi-volume maybe?)
  • Completely disable modifier menus (without side effects)
  • Finish window snapper multi-monitor support
  • Window snapper style tuneups
  • Add True Tone button state toggle color
  • Add Night Shift button state toggle color


Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.167 (Experimental)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.

New experimental version! This one includes critical bug fixes for the previous version. Thank you to everyone who reported these issues!

Make sure you update BTT to 3.172 before installing this GC release!

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.172 (Experimental) Changelog

  • [Imports and Upgrades] Fixed various issues with the initialization and upgrade path
    • Fixed various issues causing the initialization/upgrade script to fail to run
    • Fixed dock badge variables not being set correctly
    • Fixed battery widget variables not being set correctly
    • Tested fresh import via direct import from web and download
    • Tested upgrade path via direct import from web and download
  • [Settings] Fixed the settings window being accidentally removed in the previous version
  • [Settings] Removed the icalBuddy link from the Calendar settings
  • [Calendar] Fixed calendar widgets losing their configuration settings on import
    • This was causing events to not show up in the home strip.
    • Props to @Andreas_Hegenberg for the timely BTT fixes in 3.172 :slight_smile:
  • [Calendar] Fixed calendar widget font size
  • [Menu Bar] Added Calculator menu bar widget
    • Launches the Calculator app!


I think this experimental release is particularly stable, especially with the import and upgrade improvements, so I've asked @Andreas_Hegenberg to verify it! A rare occurrence for an experimental version :open_mouth:


Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.172 (Experimental)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.

New experimental version!

With the upgrade path fully developed and tested, I now feel confident enabling settings auto-restore - if GC-BTT detects existing settings on import, it will now automatically restore them for you.

This makes upgrading much easier - and it works with all GC-BTT versions back to 2.641, the current stable version, so everyone will be able to upgrade easily now :slight_smile:

Please give it a shot. Hopefully it just works!

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.172-2 (Experimental) Changelog

  • [Imports and Upgrades] GC-BTT will now automatically restore your settings on import
  • [Default Settings] Added GC-BTT Settings button to default menu bar button set
  • [Settings] Fixed an issue where the Show Finder settings switch would not reflect the actual setting state when set to Off
  • [Settings] Fixed an issue where the AirDrop settings switch would not reflect the actual setting state when set to Off
  • [Settings] Removed broken "Always Show Now Playing Widget" and "Always Show Media Controls" options until they're working with the new conditional activation group structure
  • [Calculator] Fixed an issue where Calculator would not launch on Mojave
  • [Emoji Picker] The emoji picker will now stay open until you switch applications instead of closing after you select an emoji
  • [System Information] The "time remaining" indicator is now formatted nicely
  • [System Information] CPU% now gets the correct number (thanks @Katertier!)
    • But it's not formatted nicely
    • In general, the System Information modal is still under construction

Notes for Testers

Please report on the success or failure of settings auto-restore. :crossed_fingers:

Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.172-2 (Experimental)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.

Critical new experimental version - this fixes a huge issue with the settings menu that settings auto-restore uncovered where settings were not be saved persistently. This, in combination with the new settings auto-restore code, would cause GC-BTT to reset to the default settings after a BTT restart.

Additionally, the fact that until now settings were not saving persistently explains the vast majority of peoples' upgrade issues. I think this should finally nip all upgrading issues in the bud.

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.172-3 Changelog

  • [Settings] Fixed a critical issue where GC-BTT settings were not being saved persistently and would disappear after a BTT restart
    • A huge thank you to binzokun on the MacRumors forums for discovering this bug.
  • [Settings] Fixed an issue where the album art portion of the Now Playing widget would not hide if set to never show

Notes for Testers

Please continue banging on settings and auto-upgrading!

Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.172-3 (Experimental)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.

New experimental version! The floating window snapping grid has gotten its long-awaited tune-up, with more intuitive multi-monitor support and its own menu bar widget :slight_smile:

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.173 (Experimental) Changelog

  • [Window Snapper] New version of the window snapper with improved multi-monitor support
    • Use the new left/right monitor buttons to easily move your windows across monitors!
  • [Menu Bar] Added Show Window Snapper widget
  • [Settings] Added an option to disable the window snapper entirely
    • You can find this setting under "General > Window Snapping".
  • [Keyboard Shortcuts] Fixed an issue where GC-BTT keyboard shortcuts would not adapt to non-English keyboard layouts

Coming Very Soon: One-Click Upgrades

@Andreas_Hegenberg has been hard at work on a new build of BTT that will offer to replace your existing version of GC-BTT. It's possible that it could be ready as soon as today. Once this new build is out, the only thing you'll need to do to upgrade GC-BTT is click "Direct Import to BTT" and confirm the upgrade :slight_smile:

GC-BTT 3.173 is totally prepared for this feature, so please try it out when it's available!


Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.173 (Experimental)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror .

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New experimental version! Critical bug fixes, plus big improvements to the System Information modal.

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.176 (Experimental) Changelog

  • [Installation/Upgrading] BetterTouchTool 3.176 will now prompt you to update BTT before installing a GC-BTT with a higher version requirement.
    • Please update to BTT 3.176!
    • Hopefully this will stop people from importing incompatible GC versions into their BTT installations.
  • [Keyboard Shortcuts] Fixed a configuration issue that could accidentally crash versions of BetterTouchTool older than 3.173
    • GC-BTT 3.173 was also silently updated with a fix for this issue this morning before it was verified.
  • [Language Switcher] Languages without a flag will now display with a globe icon
    • This may only work on Mojave; it appears to be broken on Catalina.
  • [System Information] Design improvements, placeholder icons, and new stats
    • More accurate CPU %
    • CPU Temperature in Celcius
    • Network Usage (Download/Upload)


Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.176 (Experimental)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.

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New experimental version! This adds a new clipboard manager, and tidies up a lot of the default UI in preparation for being declared the next stable version. I'd say we're just one or two builds away! Really all that's left is to tidy up the System Information widget group.

Please take this time to test and report any bugs that persist, especially with upgrading/restoring settings.

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.186 (Experimental) Changelog

  • [Upgrades] When upgrading, BetterTouchTool will now detect your existing version of GC-BTT and offer to replace it for you!
    • This means no need to uninstall your old preset version anymore!! :smile:
  • [Clipboard History] Added Clipboard History menu bar item and widget group
    • Contains your last 64 clipboard items.
    • Tap on an item to copy it to your clipboard.
    • Long-press on any clipboard item to get extra options!
    • You can also tap the item’s icon to show the options.
  • [Emoji Picker] Restored missing "Favorite" emoji
  • [Language Switcher] Fixed globe icon not showing up in menu bar item
  • [Control Strip] True Tone toggle button now changes color to reflect whether True Tone is on or off
  • [Misc] Improved padding/spacing of many widgets on default layout
    • Many widgets now used a fixed width
    • Scrollable widgets adjust their size more precisely when resizing the menu bar
    • Generally reduced the number of overlapping widgets
    • Default layout w/normal esc key will be fixed before stable!

Roadmap to Stable

  • Formatting/final icons for System Information group
  • Add Night Shift button state highlighting (may skip this one as it doesn't seem possible :frowning: help?)
  • Spacing tune-up for default settings when using a normal esc key


Spacing improvements for the default layout.

True Tone button state color!

New Clipboard History menu bar item and widget group.

Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.186 (Experimental)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.

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Release candidate time! If no major bugs are found, the next build will be declared stable.

This RC adds a ton of stuff - I've been sprinting to the finish line. You'll see a number of visual updates, and lots of polishing up. A lot of things that were previously left unoptimized to keep development moving are now optimized and ready for production. Overall, GC-BTT should feel snappier as odd blinks and slowdowns across the UI have been eliminated. Upgrades should work flawlessly every time.

This version also introduces new designs for modifier menus that make better room for the normal esc key style. The structure of these new designs finally allows you to truly disable modifier menus without side effects.

Finally, this version eliminates the need for icalBuddy by adding a native Reminders widget - a huge step forward for the preset, as it is now completely dependency-free!

A huge thank you to everyone who has tested and reported bugs over the last year, you guys made this happen. :slight_smile:

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.187 (Stable RC1) Changelog

  • [Imports/Upgrades] Added upgrade listener script to ensure that auto-updates run even if BTT doesn't work for some reason
  • [Escape Keys] Tuned padding/spacing of default layout with normal esc key
  • [Escape Keys] Normal escape key now matches the macOS system esc key size
  • [Modifier Menus] You can now completely disable any combination of the three modifier menus without side effects
    • Requires BTT 3.187 to work
    • More huge thanks to @Andreas_Hegenberg for his help and effort here!
  • [Modifier Menus] Eliminated blinking when invoking modifier menus
  • [Modifier Menus] New designs for option and command menus
    • Option menu is now full-width
    • Command menu is now full-width
  • [Modifier Menus] All modifier menus now work across BTT in all Touch Bar groups and modal widgets
  • [Control Strip] New icon for dark mode consistent with iOS 13
  • [Control Strip] Eliminated overlapping elements when enabling the regular esc key or when resizing the menu bar
  • [Option Menu] New pixel-perfect icons for window snapping actions
  • [Dock Badges] Telegram dock badge now supports both App Store and non-App Store versions
  • [System Information] Finalized system information layout
    • New icons for CPU and RAM usage
    • Removed "CPU temperature" display as it was actually reporting battery temperature
  • [Reminders] Native Reminders widget
    • icalBuddy is no longer required!! GC-BTT is dependency-free, babyyyyyy
    • Tap on a reminder to open in BTT's internal reminders manager (this will be changed to open Reminders once BTT supports it)
    • Long-press the Home Strip widget for a new Reminders Actions modal that uses the native calendar widget to display your reminders by date
  • [Now Playing] Disabled broken "Add to Library/Download" button for in macOS Catalina
  • [Clipboard History] Clipboard History widget group now scrolls infinitely through your clipboard history
    • Requires BTT 3.187 to work
  • [Home Strip] Swapped "Center Window" for "Maximize Window" in the window snapping widget
  • [Misc] Loads of performance improvements and optimizations to prepare GC-BTT for production release
    • Eliminated duplicate hide/show widget codes used for testing
  • [Misc] Organization and formatting of widgets inside the BTT config window
    • Fixed colors on text labels so that they look nice in both dark and light modes
    • Organized and renamed conditional activation groups
    • Moved dock badges into conditional activation group
    • Moved remaining Home Strip widgets into conditional activation groups
    • Sorted all "other triggers" into folders to make them easier to manage


Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.187 (Stable RC1)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.

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RC2 is here with serious bugfixes! Please update to BTT 3.194, then update from RC1. :slight_smile:

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.194 (Stable RC2) Changelog

  • [Imports/Upgrades] Optimized the initialization script
    • Removed some things that were running twice
    • Organized initialization triggers a lot more
    • Restoring settings is a lot faster now and easier to tell when it's done
  • [Modifier Menus] Fixed a critical export issue where the modifier menu disabling logic was not included in the previous build
    • Disabling modifier menus should actually work now.
  • [Gestures] Disabled "global" option for all gestures which was causing many issues
    • Apparently this option comes with a huge performance hit, and a host of import bugs, so was not worth it to keep enabled.
  • [Escape Keys] Fixed separate fullscreen key sometimes being to the left of the normal escape key
  • [Calendar] Fixed calendar widget settings not being exported correctly
  • [Calendar] Fixed an issue where the calendar widget would sometimes display empty space
    • Requires BTT 3.194 to work
  • [Reminders] Tapping on reminder items now opens
    • Requires BTT 3.194 to work
  • [Reminders] Fixed an issue where the reminders widget would sometimes display empty space
    • Requires BTT 3.194 to work
  • [ColorSnapper] ColorSnapper menu bar item will now only appear if ColorSnapper is running
  • [1Password] 1Password menu bar item will now only appear if either 1Password or 1Password Extension Helper is running
  • [HazeOver] HazeOver menu bar item will now only appear if HazeOver is running
  • [Day One] Day One menu bar item will now only appear if Day One Helper is running


It's now much easier to see when the upgrade is running.

Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.194 (Stable RC2)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.200 Stable is here!

It brings massive improvements and a ton of new features to GC-BTT. And this stable version of GC-BTT has been thoroughly tested by the community over the last year, making this a Touch Bar you can truly depend on.

From this point forward, my plan is to make stable releases more frequent. Most of the time on this release was spent eliminating dependencies, working on the settings window, and ensuring that upgrades work reliably. These were major behind-the-scenes endeavors that provide the foundation to expand GC-BTT's capabilities much further while also making it much easier for me to manage adding and maintaining all these new features.

As you can imagine, a decent portion of these features are thanks to @Andreas_Hegenberg, who's help and continued development on BTT made many of these features and updates possible. BetterTouchTool 3.200, on its own, is a huge update that adds auto-updating presets for the whole community, not just for GC-BTT. And the new native calendar and reminders widgets have finally allowed us to ditch icalBuddy. F's in the chat y'all.

Another huge thanks to everyone who spent the last year testing and reporting issues with the experimental versions to make this the most stable GC-BTT release to date.

Finally, since this is a stable release, I'll be going over everything that's been added since the previous stable version. The first post's instructions and screenshots will be updated shortly as well. Here we go!

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.200 (Stable) Changelog

  • Full compatibility with macOS Catalina
    • Support for
  • No longer requires icalBuddy (or any other helper app!)
  • Significant performance and energy efficiency improvements over the previous stable version
    • Most duplicate widgets have been eliminated
    • All features were refactored to use BTT's conditional activation groups feature instead of running power-hungry AppleScripts
    • The refresh rate of all remaining AppleScripts has been fine-tuned for the best performance-to-power ratio
    • GC-BTT, on average, now uses about as much energy as a normal app like Safari
  • [Imports/Upgrades] One-click upgrades straight from the sharing site
    • BetterTouchTool will now offer to replace your existing version of GC-BTT
    • BetterTouchTool will alert you if your version of BTT is too low for the GC-BTT you are trying to install
    • GC-BTT now has a suite of initialization and upgrade scripts that work with BTT's import process to seamlessly check and migrate your settings between versions
  • [Window Snapping] Added floating window snapping grid with multi-monitor support
    • Press ⌘⇧W to show the grid
  • [Settings] New GC-BTT Settings window
    • Completely new windowed UI for managing and customizing GC-BTT
    • Settings button is now a part of the default layout
  • [Modifier Menus] You can now enable/disable modifier menus individually
  • [Modifier Menus] Control Strip moved to control menu
  • [Modifier Menus] Window Snapping moved to option menu
  • [Modifier Menus] Option and command menus are now full-width
  • [Modifier Menus] Command menu now shows the Dock
  • [Control Strip] True Tone toggle key now changes color when activated
  • [Control Strip] New icon for Dark Mode consistent with iOS 13
  • [Escape Keys] Resized the normal escape key to match the macOS system escape key
  • [Escape Keys] Eliminated overlapping buttons when using the normal escape key
  • [Home Strip] Settings to make Finder/AirDrop keys just icons
  • [Home Strip] Changed "Center Window" button to "Maximize Window"
  • [Now Playing] Album artwork is now full-height
  • [Calendar] Native Calendar widgets that no longer require icalBuddy to work
  • [Calendar] New Calendar modal design
    • Swap between today and month view
    • Calendar items are now color-coded based on their set color in
    • Tap an item to open in your preferred calendar app, set in the GC-BTT settings window
  • [Reminders] Native Reminders widgets that no longer require icalBuddy to work
  • [Reminders] New Reminders modal design
    • Swap between today and month view
    • Reminders are color-coded based on their list
    • Tap an item to open in
  • [Things] Added Things Home Strip widget and modal
    • Long-press to access your next ten reminders
  • [Dock] Added Dock widget group
    • Replaces the old App Switcher widget group
  • [Clipboard History] Added Clipboard History widget group
    • Scrolls infinitely through your clipboard history
    • Tap on an item to copy it to your clipboard
  • [System Information] Added System Information modal
    • Long-press Battery widget widget to view
    • Contains:
      • Battery percentage
      • Charge time remaining
      • CPU usage
      • Available RAM
      • Network usage
        • Upload speed
        • Download speed
      • Show Activity Monitor
      • Open System
  • [Menu Bar] New menu bar widgets for:
    • Battery
      • Optional percentage display
      • Long-press to access System Information modal
    • Connect to Bose
      • Long-press to access Connectivity Actions modal
    • Caffeinate
    • Calculator
      • Launches
    • Show Paste
    • 1Password
    • Day One
    • HazeOver
    • ColorSnapper
    • Show Floating Window Snapping Grid
  • [Dock Badges] Dock badges now automatically hide when Do Not Disturb is enabled
  • [Dock Badges] Dock badges are now powered by BetterTouchTool’s built-in dock support and are far more energy efficient
  • [Dock Badges] New dock badges for:
    • Carrot
    • Apple Calendar
    • Fantastical
    • Reminders
    • Things
    • OmniFocus
    • News
    • Maps
    • Deliveries
    • WeChat
    • QQ
    • Superhuman
    • MailMate
    • Abstract
    • Zeplin
    • Bodo
    • Maipo

Touch Bar Screenshots

New menu bar widgets like Battery and Clipboard History, and design improvements like full-height album artwork.

Native calendar and reminders widget eliminate the need for icalBuddy.

New System Information modal shows you information about your system.

Modifier menus are now full-width, can be individually disabled, and support the normal escape key.

BetterTouchTool will now offer to replace your existing version of GC-BTT, while a new set of upgrade scripts seamlessly migrates your previous settings automatically.

Settings Window Screenshots

Floating Window Snapping Grid

A huge thanks to @yuuiko for doing most of the code for the window snapping grid!

Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.200 (Stable)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.


New stable version! Minor bug fix for yesterday's release. :slight_smile:

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.201 (Stable) Changelog

  • [Menu Bar] Fixed an issue where some menu bar items would randomly swap places

Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.201 (Stable)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.

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New stable version! This includes a critical clipboard security fix, and re-adds missing Carrot, OmniFocus, and Deliveries dock badges. I strongly recommend that all users of GC-BTT upgrade to this version, especially if you use the Clipboard History widget.

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.202 (Stable) Changelog

  • [Dock Badges] Restored missing dock badges for Carrot, OmniFocus, and Deliveries
  • [Clipboard History] Fixed a critical security issue where the clipboard history widget would display copied passwords on the Touch Bar


Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.202 (Stable)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.

New experimental version! Critical bug fixes and long-requested additions. I'm releasing this as experimental because I'm not 100% certain that my new Bluetooth connection widgets are bug-free. That said, this should hopefully be very stable and I can follow it up quickly with a stable version release.

Next, thank you everyone for being so patient in waiting for this release. I've been catching up at work and at Zelda Universe over the last few months. My big Zelda Universe project is just about finished (for now), so GC-BTT is going to start ramping up again :slight_smile:

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.335 (Experimental) Changelog:

  • [Bluetooth Toggles] All Bluetooth toggles now use the BTT's Bluetooth connection actions instead of AppleScript
  • [Connectivity Actions] Fixed headphone battery display breaking onto multiple lines
  • [Home Strip] Added a nice calendar color indicator to home strip calendar widgets
  • [Menu Bar] Added Bluetooth quick-connect for AirPods Pro
  • [Menu Bar] Added Bluetooth quick-connect for Sony headphones
  • [Menu Bar] Microphone Mute widget now supports Microsoft Teams
  • [Dock Badges] Fixed a bug where a badge's text would change when tapped
  • [Dock Badges] Added Microsoft Teams dock badge
  • [Dock Badges] Added Station dock badge

Notes for Testers

Please test all of the Bluetooth toggle buttons to make sure they work and report any issues!


Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.335 (Experimental)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.


New experimental version! Critical bug fix for disappearing icons.

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.346 (Experimental) Changelog:

  • Fixed icons disappearing when changing color

Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.346 (Experimental)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.

New experimental version! More bug fixes. The next release will wrap up some remaining bug fixes that I know about and be pushed out as the new stable version :smile: also, more versions in the future will be called stable out the gate, especially if they're more stable than the existing stable version, haha.

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.352 (Experimental) Changelog

  • Fixed more disappearing icons
  • Fixed FaceTime dock badge erroneously checking for the Calendar app

Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.352 (Experimental)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.

New experimental version! This is very stable, and will likely be declared the new stable version whenever the current BTT leaves alpha, which should be soon according to @Andreas_Hegenberg. Hopefully this finally fixes all the disappearing icons.

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.358 (Experimental) Changelog

  • Fixes for more disappearing icons
  • The Language Switcher has been disabled and removed from GC-BTT Settings until a Catalina-compatible solution is found

Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.358 (Experimental)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.

New stable version! Bug fixes, restoring the Language Switcher, adding Ferdi dock badge. The next few releases will be more feature-focused as I add some long-overdue functionality.

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.368 (Stable) Changelog

  • [Dock Badges] Added Ferdi dock badge
  • [Calendar] Added support for Fantastical 3
  • [Calendar] Fixed erroneous period showing up in calendar color indicator
  • [Language Switcher] Restored the Language Switcher
    • If you previously had the Language Switcher enabled, and you upgraded to GC 3.358, this setting was automatically turned off. You can re-enable it in the GC settings.
    • Although the Language Switcher's language-switching functionality is still broken, the menu bar icon works great as a "Current Language" display.

Changes Since GoldenChaos-BTT 3.202 (Stable)

  • [New] AirPods Pro quick connect menu bar key
  • [New] Sony headphones quick connect menu bar key
  • [New] Dock badges for Microsoft Teams and Station
  • [New] Improved Home Strip calendar widget design with calendar color display
  • [Fixed] Icons that change color would disappear when active
  • [Fixed] Some dock badges were not checking for the correct application
  • [Fixed] Buggy bluetooth battery displays


Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.368 (Stable)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.

New stable version! Fully tested on macOS Big Sur 11.0 Beta with no known issues. Keep an eye on the compatibility thread as more betas are released if you're thinking of making the jump.

This version also introduces an all-new GoldenChaos macOS menu bar item with its own context menu, along with a new design for the Settings window and a new About window. The GC menu bar item makes finding the GC settings window much more intuitive and also exposes some critical functionality and links to check for updates, etc. With the new GC menu bar item, I was also able to optimize the default settings and replace the settings gear with Quick Connect to AirPods Pro, making this the first time that the quick connect functionality is part of the default set!

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.392 (Stable) Changelog

  • [macOS Menu Bar] Added GC macOS menu bar item + context menu
  • [About Window] New about window tells you about your current GC version and links to the latest release notes + other cool things I make
  • [Settings Window] New settings window design for macOS Big Sur
  • [Settings Window] Reduced visual artifacts when loading settings for the first time
  • [Settings Window] Settings window now stacks more consistently with other windows
  • [Default Settings] Removed settings gear menu bar item from default preset
  • [Default Settings] Added Connect to AirPods Pro menu bar item to default preset
  • [Default Settings] Disabled command menu by default
  • [Dock Badges] Added BusyCal dock badge
  • [Calendar] Added support for BusyCal
  • [Media Controls] Restored option to always show media controls
  • [Connect to Sony] Added support for Sony WH-100XM3 headphones
  • [Languages] Removed the Language Switcher group since it's broken, but kept the Current Language menu bar item since it's working
  • All widgets that detect apps running in real time have been updated to use BTT's more performant built-in app listener


The new menu bar icon and context menu make customizing and updating GC much easier, and the new settings and about windows take design cues from the upcoming macOS Big Sur.

The new context menu allows Quick Connect to AirPods Pro to replace the settings gear on the default set.

Always Show Media Controls finally makes its return!

Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.392 (Stable)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.


New stable version! I think a "finally" is in order here. I want to get this out the door ASAP, you all have waited long enough! I'll release a separate thread about Presets once the feature is more finalized; until then, please consider this a soft-launch of the "Presets" feature :slight_smile:

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.562 (Stable) Changelog

  • [macOS Menu Bar] Added option to disable GC system menu bar item from GC settings window
  • [Settings Window] Fixed settings window rendering issues caused by Big Sur update
  • [Settings Window] Updated the UI to better match Big Sur's design language
  • [Settings Window] New "Presets" tab for better multi-configuration management
  • [Connect to AirPods] Fixed AirPods battery display breaking onto two lines
  • [Things] Fixed Things widgets and dock badge not appearing
  • [Dock Badges] Replaced old Boxy dock badge with new Boxy for Gmail dock badge
  • [Dock Badges] Added Boxy for Calendar dock badge
  • [Dock Badges] Added Facebook Messenger dock badge
  • [Dock Badges] Removed dock badges for dead apps: Station, Chatty, Goofy, Caprine, Tumblr


Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.562 (Stable)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.


New stable version! This version includes critical bug fixes for the previous release related to upgrading as well as some small new features like support for AirPods Max.

Additionally, thank you to everyone who helped me troubleshoot the new Presets feature. It's a lot more stable now, which means I can start expanding on it. I have a lot of plans for this in the future, from user-submitted community presets to more options for more use cases, like Game Mode. Please look forward to those in future releases, and keep an eye on the GC subforum for a way to create and submit presets! :slight_smile:

GoldenChaos-BTT 3.563 (Stable) Changelog

  • [Upgrading from 3.392 or Earlier] Fixed custom settings not properly migrating to newer versions
  • [Presets] Fixed an issue where custom settings would not properly save before applying a new preset
  • [Settings Window] Added better screenshots and clearer language to the Presets tab
    • Default has more screenshots and explains how widgets appear/disappear
    • Minimalist now has screenshots showing both menu bar sizes
    • Full Reset now properly explains that it erases Dock Badge selections
  • [Settings Window] Volume Mute button toggle switch no longer crashes BTT
  • [Settings Window] Fixed Battery Percentage setting switch not working
  • [macOS Menu Bar] Fixed "Toggle System Touch Bar UI" not working
  • [Home Strip] Icon-only Finder and AirDrop buttons are now more compact
  • [Menu Bar] Volume Up button no longer turns blue when headphones are connected
    • Unfortunately, the AirPods auto-switch feature totally broke the way this was intended to work. This means the Volume Up button can't properly detect the current output, so it'll just always be white now.
  • [Bluetooth Quick Connect] Added support for AirPods Max
    • Added Connect to AirPods Max button to the menu bar and Connectivity Strip
    • Fixed AirPods Max conflicts with existing AirPods buttons


Download: GoldenChaos-BTT 3.563 (Stable)

Download link not working? Try the GitHub mirror.