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Can calendar default back to the current date when pressed? Currently, after entering the calendar widget and moving forward in date (e.g. from < ▲Sat 6/27/20 + > to < ▲Sun 6/28/20 + >) and exiting without moving back to the current date, if you reenter the widget it opens up on the future date you moved to rather than the current date.

Overall issue:
Start: < ▲Sat 6/27/20 + > moved to < ▲Sun 6/28/20 + >.
Start: < ▲Sun 6/28/20 + > appears when it should be < ▲Sat 6/27/20 + >.

Any help/fix is much appreciated!

@mangosteen @Andreas_Hegenberg is there a way to achieve this? Would love to make this improvement.

In other news, the next version of GC is well under way and, in addition to the aforementioned performance improvements and requested feature additions, will also come with an entirely new settings and about experience built around the new macOS menu bar items and context menus! It's pretty awesome. Sneak peek:

Depending on how far I get with the remaining features, it will either be out today or tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I'm not sure if this is due to something I did or if it's something baked in but currently, when I hit the weather widget, alfred opens up. The problem isn't replicated with alfred isn't open. Unsure of how to fix this. It opens up /users/myname in alfred for some reason. Is there a way to make this stop?

You can disable the weather widget keyboard shortcut manually so it doesn't conflict with Alfred! I'm still working on an elegant solution to this issue. There are two weather widgets, here's where they are:

Just remove the action from those two widgets and it won't invoke Alfred anymore :slight_smile:

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That worked, thank you! Also thanks so much for putting all this together, it really made this touch bar into something very useful.

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Hey guys! Just a small update; I have the next version ready, and am just waiting on a BTT bug fix to fix a critical preset exporting issue. Once that's out I'll be able to publish the new version! New sneak peek at the redesigned settings window, new about window, and new system menu bar icon and context menu:


Hi @GoldenChaos, the update looks fucking awesome!

One quick question here, between GoldenChaos and AquaTouch, which one do you think consume more battery and why? I have been experiencing more power consumption from AQT but I want to hear your opinion on this and understand more.


Is there any way to disable the menu bar icon in the latest update?

Not from the GC settings; I’ll add that option in the next version :slight_smile: in the meantime, if you want to hide it manually, it’s located under Named and Other Triggers > macOS Menu Bar Item In the BTT Config.

@Bao_Bui unfortunately I can’t really speak to AQT’s energy usage since I don’t know much about how it’s built under the hood, sorry!

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Tested on the last version of Catalina, the mail outlook notifications do not work and the same for the new menu system, I went back to the old version.

Sounds like you’re not on the correct version of BTT. Check for alpha updates and make sure you’re on at least 3.392, then reimport the latest GC. There also seems to be a small import bug where the new menus don’t actually appear until you restart BTT (@Andreas_Hegenberg) - so if the menu is not showing up for you, but the icon is, restart BTT and the menu should work after that.

As for outlook, I’ll double check the dock badge code!

Thanks, I'll try with BTT 3.392

Just try again & actually it works better for the new menu system , thank you .
I'm just missing outlook notifications now :slightly_smiling_face:

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What is the purpose of the menu bar icon? It doesn't seem to do anything at all. I just hid it by following your instructions, so thanks for that. :slight_smile:

I responded to you in the other thread, it it’s worth repeating - the menu bar item not working is a BTT bug, just restart BTT to fix! Then the menu bar item will have its proper menu :slight_smile:

Ah, okay — I see it now, I was not running the BTT alpha but now I am after seeing your other note here, and reimported GC. Thanks!

BTW I noticed some weird glitching/flickering with the icon flashing in the middle of my menu bar, which I think is what drew my attention to it earlier today. I'm moving the BTT icons to my second set in Bartender now, but just FYI. :slight_smile:

Could you capture the flickering on video? Sounds like a BTT issue for @Andreas_Hegenberg :slight_smile:

Not sure what's causing it actually, I'm now seeing multiple icons flashing in the menu bar and it may be something to do with Bartender. I'll try to nail it down if it keeps bugging me. :slight_smile:

Hey there. Been using GoldenChaos for about a year now, and half way thru the Spotify display stopped working. The Back, Play/Pause, and Skip buttons all work (and sometimes control Chrome and other media), but I'm not able to see what was last played on Spotify and nothing displays even when Spotify is currently playing.

Is there a way to lock these controls to only control Spotify playback? Has anyone else had an issue getting album art/song/artist/etc. displaying on the touchbar?


I am a new Mac user (as of today), so please bear with me. I recently downloaded GC-BBT and absolutely love it! However, I cannot find how to get to the settings for the life of me. I've tried holding cmdoptctr + p, but nothing happens. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


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