goldenchaos AMAZING idea/question.

hello :slight_smile:

so im using the goldenchaos with my own touch.. and I had an idea . you tell me if its possible.

so, the open/recent apps icons is showing on my "main strip" - the one that showed all the time.

and I know what happen if u long-press touch the icon but there's is a option for quit the app?
maybe with long press or double press?

that would be great!

hi. you can add a named trigger, and do this:

  • Delay next action but 0.4
  • then set a shortcut: command + Q

then go on your recent apps icon, go to Common, then right at the bottom, click 'Select Reusable Named Trigger', then select the trigger you just made. set the 'Press Duration' for however long you want.
Now, you should be able to click on the icons to switch to that app, and long press to quit that app.
Reply if anything went wrong and I'll try to help :slight_smile: