Golden Chaos- trouble with switching menus

Hello, just wanted to ask what to do if I press control, or command to access 2 other menus that the preset offers, but nothing happens and I have to reset BTT and then it works again. Any tips? My mac is running Catalina so is that the reason for this behavior?- also i am running the "experimental" version

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Having the same problem, When I press command, It does not changes the menu. Were you able to solve it?

Hey man,
It was long time ago and my free trial expired so I do not use it as much anymore, but I think that you have to set, that BTT also works over other apps. My problem was, that when My mac was showing BTT next to the apple logo in top left, it worked, but when there was another app active, it didn't. Hence it worked after I restarted it, cause it switched back to BTT. So try to make BTT also work over other apps or something like that. Good luck

Make sure System Preferences => Keyboard is set to "Show App Controls"