Global Trackpad gestures

I've been looking everywhere but I have not found any solution.
How can disable all global trackpad gestures in different applications.
Is this possible?
or Can I copy all global trackpad gestures and paste all in different applications.

If you configure a gesture for a specific app and assign the action "Apple Default or do Nothing", it will be disabled for that app.

To copy a gesture to an app, just drag it there.

The problem is that I have many global trackpad gestures and every time I add a new application I have to assign the action "Apple Default or do Nothing" for each one and drag it one by one.
Can I select all global gestures at once?
It would be possible, maybe in the future, disable all global trackpad gestures in different applications?

This must mean ... no way.
Thank you anyway.

Currently it's not possible, in a future version it will be possible but I don't have an arrival date for that yet.

I understand it, thank you very much.

My query has to do with mouse right-click dragging, not the trackpad, but I think its within the same question...

@Andreas_Hegenberg - TL;DR would it be possible to get an action to toggle the global mouse preferences option for right-click-dragging to trigger gesture drawing?
OR to leverage the "disable gesture recognition for X seconds" with an advanced feature like variables/scripts to achieve the same outcome in some way? Thanks!
I have some apps (like audio/video editors) that use right-click dragging for various functions (like group-selecting items on a timeline), and I use right-click dragging globally to trigger and draw . I can't use the method above of copying and assigning to apple defaults because the issue is that right-click dragging will still trigger drawing of gestures and override the apps right-click drag functionality.
My gestures are indispensable everywhere else! :)))
Having to manually disable and enable gestures in the global preferences is obviously a (painful) option, however I usually don't work exclusively in these apps when I'm using them, and when I switch to other apps in my workflow my gestures are still needed.

Obviously first prize would be gestures turned off automatically for an app as suggested above (like the app-specific config checkboxes to turn off BTT completely, etc.), but if there was a BTT action to disable/enable gestures (as opposed to just being a global preference checkbox) then we could automate this ourselves or worst case assign it a shortcut and toggle manually.

OR, I noticed there is a "disable gesture recognition for X seconds" -> is there a way you could suggest we can leverage this with existing functionality like variables/scripts/etc? e.g. have this triggered continuously when in the app (or when user-toggled) until stopped (by moving away from the app or toggling off)? I can have a crack at it, but it would be great to be pointed in the right direction.

( For @main.caparisi or anyone else coming across this --> you can select all your gestures in an app's config, right click copy, and then cmd-V to paste them in another app's config. Faster than dragging one by one. )

@Andreas_Hegenberg just saw this in the update - THANK YOU!!!