Global touchbar two finger scrolls

Can someone remind me where I can edit two finger touchbar global settings? For example, I have volume control for those, but I forgot where the menu for that setting is.


they are added like buttons/widgets to your touch bar. Possibly you have put them in a folder:

Right, they were in my custom folder. Is there a way for me to add different actions to a same gesture?

For example, I'd like to use Two Finger Swipe Left for volume down and Opt + Two Finger Swipe Left for brightness down. Tried adding it like this but it only runs Volume down with or without Opt.

that should work fine, do you maybe have configured them somewhere else in addition? Can you check what is shown in the "Recently Used" section?

Seems to show it but it's not running.

BTW, a UI bug after I added some single swipes (Enter Touch Bar Button Name instead of action name):

is maybe the volume down/up action not working for some reason? Can you try to assign a different one for testing (if it shows in recently used, BTT should have triggered it, but BTT can't control whether the action was successful)

Volume and brightness up/down actions are definitely working if I don't set modifiers as mandatory.

ahh sorry, now I understand.
With volume up/down BTT just simulates the press of the volume button, but that button behaves differently if option is pressed ;-( There is no way to fix that apart from using some other method to change the volume (e.g. via Apple Script)

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