Global list versus the Finder List shown on Touchbar.

Global Application function used to group preferences created before others. For example, I created a list of most used applications which, when defined for the Finder Application, provided a quick way to access my most used applications. Ever since update 2.684 (989), I now see Global defined preferences interspersed between Finder Applications that I created. For example:

Old Way

Touchbar showed:

Quit (Reverse screen) Firefox YouTube Radar Camera Stocks Speedtest etc

New Way:

Touchbar now shows

Quit Firefox (Reverse Screen) YouTube Radar Camera Stocks Speedtest etc

Global items were always shown first followed by items created for the Finder. But now Global items are listed within list of Finder items.

The first item in the Global list (Quit) is always shown first both in the old versions and new version. Subsequent items in the Global list are now shown in the Finder list instead of at the beginning as they had been before.

Nothing I do makes the Global list ALL appear prior to the Finder list.

I hope this was clear.

ah that's probably because of the display order field added. I should set the display order for global actions separately or remove this function.

For now you can fix this by manually assigning a negative or positive display order value to the global triggers.

Yes, that took care of it. Thanks very much. I want to say that your efforts have really made a wonderful difference in my use of my MacBook Pro. Much appreciated.