Getting letter key to act normally unless advance conditions met

I have a messaging app (Beeper). I'm trying to use BTT to make it so that, when a certain (non text field) UI Element is focussed the key "N" sends "command-N" (to create a new message) but otherwise send "N" as usual.

I can get it to send the command-N (when certain UI Element is focussed) but can't get "N" key press to act normal (send "N") when other UI Element if focussed.

Any ideas?

I am not at my computer right now, but from memory I believe it should work more or less like this.

Have you tried a CAG? If the name of the field contains "name", then "n" = cmd+n. If the name of the field does not contain "name", then "n" = "n". Otherwise, if "n" = cmd+n, then without setup, fn+n should type n.

You absolute champion. Thanks Frank1