Gestures disappeared all of a sudden, all of them

Hi there,
I run an app where I use the commands I've saved in Gestures, but the shortcut was not responding.
I've opened the BTT app to check, and I could see my commands as usual.
I thought maybe the application is updated and the new version needs to be added as a new application and then copy the gestures from the previous version, as I've done other times.
Then the old app suddenly appears empty.
And the gestures for all the other application show empty!!
Nothing, all gone, lots of gestures and work.
I can see files of backup in the application support folder but don't know how to use it.
Even trying to import exported gestures from before doesn't work.
What to do?? Is it all gone??
I have a previous licensed version of BTT, not the last one.
Thanks for your attention.

you can try help -> restore settings from backup (in the BTT main menubar after opening the preferences).

However importing from an export should always work. Which version are you on? Are you looking in the correct section (e.g. Touch Bar)?

Thanks for the quick response Andreas.
BTT version 2.428
You were right, I was looking in the wrong section, the right one is 'Keyboard'.
But the latest Preset for that app is gone.
Restore from backup would be helpful, but I don't see any "restore settings from backup".