Generic devices: 2 keys showing as same byte changed

Describe the bug
Not sure if it's possible to work around this one tbh, but my Logitech K380 seems to show the same byte change for 2 of its special keys (namely "Home" and "Back" - both located as alternatives within the Fn keys). Logitech Options is able to differentiate between these 2 keys, but unfortunately BTT seems unable to do so.

Affected input device:
Logitech K380 (multi-device bluetooth keyboard)

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: M1 Air
  • macOS version: 12.5.1
  • BetterTouchTool version: 4.011 (2225)

Additional information:
Both keys seem to be showing 02 02 00 (pressed) vs 02 08 00 (released).
Not sure what (if any) other data might be pertinent here, but let me know if there's anything specific I can provide to further clarify what's going on. There are 2 other alternate Fn keys, one of which I can map successfully via BTT's Generic Devices as it shows a byte array of 02 08 00 when pressed. The other just seems to directly invoke Ctrl ↑ (presumably because it's the default shortcut for Mission Control) - nothing at all shows up in the "Parse Device Input/Output" window when I press it.

I had previously been using Logitech Options to remap all of these keys to directly call different shell scripts. There was no way to assign anything other than a standard keyboard shortcut or app via its GUI so I had to actually alter values directly within its plist. I could dig out the plist from my old machine if that would be any use? (Although I remember it being convoluted and pointlessly obscure enough to make me think 'yeesh :roll_eyes:' whenever I looked at it!)

Many thanks Andreas, BTT keeps getting more useful and (hopefully) allowing me to get rid of a lot of other buggy old crapware from my mac ecosystem!

unfortunately Logitech is using their own weird protocol (HID++). I'm working on integrating this through libratbag/libratbag ( While this is mostly focused on Gaming Mice, the protocol for keyboards is the same. I'm about 25% through implementing the protocol by porting libratbag to BTT.

Ah I see, I shall watch this space and keep my fingers crossed!

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg, just wondering if there was any update on your progress porting libratbag (& therefore hopefully being able to use the Home & Back keys on my Logitech keyboard)?

not yet, this will still take some time unfortunately. I don’t have much of an ETA either (apart from it happening sometime this year)

No probs, just thought I'd check in! Thanks :+1: