Generic device, how to prevent side mouse buttons from making inputs in text fields

Hello, I am having a pretty simple setup for my side buttons, but the problem is every time I click on a side button and my mouse focus is on an input field/text field or anywhere where you can put text, it not only triggers the button but it also inputs in the field the button number, which I guess is the default behaviour but I would like to remove that, I don't want to input any kind of text if my mouse is focused on some sort of field.

I think I don’t understand, could you create a video of the issue maybe?

I am using Razer Naga Trinity and as you ca see when my focus is on any text input, clicking on the side buttons it triggers the mouse "side button number" if i click on side button 1 it will print 1, and if i click on 2 it prints 2 and etc.. This might be just default behaviour how the mouse works, but I would like to remove that.

does the mouse by default send keyboard shortcuts ?
Maybe you can record them in the keyboard shortcuts section in BTT and activate the „only works on keyboard used to record“ setting

Wow, that was amazingly easy. The "only works on keyboard used to record" did the magic! Thanks for the fast response!