Frequent/ongoing crashes

Hi, glad to join the party.
I'm using BTT 3.741, on a new 14" Macbook Pro, now running the latest Monterey (which they system calls version 12.2). If, as of today, BBT does not work with the most recent Mac OS, that will be good feedback for now, and I look forward when an update is sent out. (Any projections on that?)

As to the crashing bug, I haven't narrowed it down to what is triggering it. Sometimes the crash window will just pop up when I'm in an app and seemingly not doing anything with files or the Finder.

Attached here is a folder with a number of bug reports. I hope they help. Thanks.
BetterTouchTool (377.8 KB)


thanks for your reports! It seems to crash while using the „zoom window under cursor“ action.
Do you maybe know whether it happens while a specific app is active?

Andreas, thanks for responding so quickly.

I've been having other weird (starting with Monterey), Finder-related bugs.
In a tech call with Apple, they had me create a new user, and the problems
did not occur. So SOMEthing in my current setup (startup items or... I haven't
yet conducted the process of excluding all until the problem app (or whatever)
is identified. My guess, though, is that this has something to do with that.

What's happening is that many folders and apps default by default down to
about 1/4 of the bottom left section of my second 27" monitor. It has gotten
really tiresome to continually have to Option-click the green button to bring
them back to full size. So I decided (since I've dedicated one button on my
trackball to double-clicking) to just use BTT's "zoom window under cursor".
Thanks for letting me know this is an (the?) issue. I'll watch it to see if it
happens in specific apps, but I may just turn it off to avoid the whole mess.

Here's an interesting Apple bug that arose last week, in trying to also figure
what was happening with DefaultFolder, is that any time I (or, I believe
anyone using Monterey) does a normal Find, but that the window does not
have a sidebar open, starting to type in anything will crash the Desktop. This
is a small enough thing thing to remember to watch for, but I definitely want
to find out what's at the bottom of the funny auto-window-lower-placement
bug. If/when I do, I'll let you know (even if it has nothing to do with BTT).

Thanks for getting back to me.