fn buttons question

Hi, how can I enable the fn buttons? I am not going to use them for any other purposes.

Schermata 2020-03-15 alle 18.23.37

fn only works if system preferences -> keyboard -> touch bar fn mode is set to "extended control strip“ (and normal mode is set to „app controls“)

It also requires macOS Catalina

thank you Andreas, what you mean " normal mode is set to app controls?

should look like this:

Also it only works if the control strip is hidden in BTT

thank you!! it Works ! :grin:

Hi, i try to use this procedure in Mac big Sur as well but it does not work any more. I am attaching the pics.
thank you

![Schermata 2020-12-26 alle 13.21.15|456x500](upload://fhdwxMWRPHl8WjJXSzrA6cZDbbc.png