Floating web view window focus(second attempt)


I have a window with some buttons, that remains open after a button being clicked( closeFloatingHTMLMenu= 0). So far so good.
But after clicking a button, the window buttons are greyed out.
So for a next button to perform an action, I have to click twice, once for getting the focus on the window and a second time to perform the intended action.
Is this intended or.....

Depends a bit on what your action is doing, in some cases BTT will not stay the active app.

Could you post an example export of that issue?

what do you mean by "example export"?
The actions called are iTunes related: Set Shuffle, go to next/previous song, pause/play etc.
In a different web view, clicking a button to up/down the iTunes volume (that's why the window stays open), I get the same result. After the first click, the app is no longer active.