Floating Menu - Touch capability?

Would it be possible to add 'touch' capabilities to the floating menu, so it could be used on iPad as an alternative input when used via Sidecar? Or... is there a way to do so?

with the new BTT Remote iOS/iPadOS app this will soon be possible. Apple's side car doesn't support touch unfortunately. (another option is to use Duet Display instead of side car, but their subscription for touch support is pretty expensive)

Thanks, looking forward to see the new BTT Remote iOS app. Don't like Duet or Astropad due to cost involved. Hopefully we will soon see touch being enabled in sidecar after WWDC24. I think the time has come for Apple to expand on the sidecar feature now the new iPad Pro has more power than a regular MacBook Pro.

Oh shiiit new remote. I must have missed that. Any previews/docs out yet?