Floating Menu Alpha Development Thread

Does that fix the SF Symbols issue with the Automations BTT menu ?

No sorry, that issue is not so high on my todo list (bit hard to implement and not that important :slight_smile: )

(but rendering previews in the automations section will be added at some point in the future)

@Sagi_Tamim issue was about sub menus within a floating menu. The icon section was missing for them in the configuration.

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Oh okay :sweat_smile:

BTT Returns the {"BTTMenuItemText": part in the menu.
is it not necessary with the last few updates?



It shows on the menu.

It doesn't actually always run on First Load, it just shows the predefined text on the menu:

you only need to return JSON if you want to modify other properties like the background color as well. The text can now also be returned directly.

I'll check whether I can reproduce the run on load issue

Great !
Thanks :slight_smile:

BTT 4.161 (2377) - problem with broken floating menu is back.
Completely the same behavior as before - my menu and ScriptExamples.bttpreset is broken but NotchMenu.bttpreset works. Both broken menus have "Use Appearance Defined For Light Mode" enabled.
For sure problem appears only in dark mode as when I switch to light mode, menus are working OK.

could you send another export of the script examples menu to me? (you can just copy & paste it into an email to andreas@folivora.ai)

Sure - send. It is original "ScriptExamples.bttpreset" with switched on "Use Appearance Defined For Light Mode" only.

:+1: it's possible opening/saving also modified some other values, I'll check it!

in the menu you sent the "Use Appearance Defined For Light Mode" was not checked for any of the menu's items as far as I can tell.

However I have decided to do an automatic fallback now. So if no dark mode values are provided, BTT will now fall back to the defined light mode values starting with 4.162.

Fallback - good idea
Use Appearance Defined For Light Mode - for sure on my side it was checked

I think it was only checked for the menu but not for the items :slight_smile: Currently they work independently

This could be the catch!


Menu item:Placeholder Name shows in Notchless monitor.
Since there's no way to hide it apart from deleting the name

I added a top margin of 45 to the Menu

does the Notch menu make sense on non-notch displays?You could duplicate it and remove the placeholder for non-notch didplays.

Yes, It works Amazing!

Shows like this on Notchless (Reduced the Unhovered state Height):

Deleted the Placeholder and it works on both screens!
(Added a 45 Margin at the top)

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4,163 fixes drawing of borders

Hey all, it's been ages since I've been active with the community, but this recent updates really peak my interest again, perhaps I'll refresh & refactor btt.js and create some parsers to generate UIs more easily once I read more about how does it work and where community could help, but seeing the json you provided Andreas I think maybe we could do something with it