Fix for crappy switches in Logitech mice

It seems that no matter how much one spends on a Logitech mouse, eventually the switches crap out and it starts double-clicking instead of single-clicking; starts dropping things halfway through a drag. This can be fixed with patience, skill, a steady hand, and a soldering iron on many models, but it's still a real pain in the butt.

However, if BetterTouchTool could simply disregard these flaky clicks on behalf of the operating system, the problem would be solved. If my left mouse button is down and I've somehow managed to lift it and click it again in 8 milliseconds, I'm either way over-caffeinated or I'm a Logitech customer.

I suppose some care would have to be taken to ensure that double-clicking still works… but here's a link to something that already does this for Windows users: No idea how well it works, but I can't think of anyone more qualified than Andreas to do it right.