Firing a keyboard shortcut with scrollwheel

I’m trying to use the scrollwheel on the mouse as a way to repeatedly fire a keyboard shortcut as I scroll up and down.

I have it working, but the rate that the shortcut is fired is slow. Is it possible to increase the speed at which the keyboard is triggered from smaller movements in the scrollwheel?


  • Using any app
  • scroll the scrollwheel up
  • BetterTouchTool triggers a custom keyboard shortcut repeatedly until I stop scrolling up (another triggers if I scroll down)

For those who are interested, I'm using it to increase the number of edges in a 3D bevel in Modo. Could also be used for increasing the size of the brush in Photoshop or any number of other programs which currently use a keyboard shortcut.

Being able to control the speed/sensitivity of repeats is huge though.