"Find/Search Text on Screen & Move Mouse" Only Works on Main Screen

Hi, when using the "Find/Search Text on Screen & Move Mouse" action with "Search text on" set to "All Screens," BTT doesn't seem to actually search all the screens.

I have 3 displays in total and BTT seems to only search main screen. Even if the mouse is on one of the external displays, BTT doesn't search on it.

Any troubleshooting help would be greatly appreciated!

I can confirm that it doesn't work properly for me either. The only workaround I can think of is: Take a picture of the text and search for the picture. I have just tried this with a few texts and it works well.

ah interesting, this might explain some other issues described in other posts. I’ll have a look, thanks for reporting!

Thanks so much! And in the meantime, the workaround that Frank1 describe does work!

Thanks for this! It works!! I will use this until the bug is fixed :slight_smile:

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hope this is fixed now in 4.543 alpha

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Thanks! Though I think I will wait for the official release—I'm too nervous to use alpha or beta software in general, haha.