Find next image?

Hello, is there a way to find image, then find image to the left or right of that image? Or toggle through say multiple GUI images that are the same? Keyboard Maestro has a find left most or right most image, but I cannot get left click down to work on KM. BetterTouchTools is the only app besides controllermate that has working mouse controls.

This will be added soon.

What are you using this for?

Hello @Andreas_Hegenberg

Thanks for the fast response! I'm a new member so I couldn't post more than two links. So I made a pdf:

Let me know what you think! You have a great app that could become the gold standard, especially as Controllermate dies out.



Hi, just checking in to see if what I wrote made sense?

One of the links in the PDF seems troublesome.

This is the GUI being manipulated.

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg,

Did you ever add “find next image” as a feature?