"Find image on screen and move mouse" doesn't work

As you can see be the 2 screenshots below, I have typed in all in extreme detail. Then I hit the "Create Topic"-Button and then I saw a dialog telling me that only 4 screenshots are allowed for new users. This is very rude of you. I did my best to describe the issue and not only help be, but also the community and you show me AFTER I have typed in and formatted this issue that only 4 screenshots are allowed. Please change that directly that it is shown as a warning at the beginning for new users so that noone has the same problem, as I had. Thanks

If you cannot read the screenshots in the above screenshots, please let me attach more screenshots so that I can upload the 6 screenshots that I have taken.

These are the 6 screenshots which I as not allowed to paste in the description, but somehow I am allowed to paste them into a comment :face_with_spiral_eyes:

As I was trying to send this reply I saw another annoying dialog:

This is not kind of you showing that dialog also AFTER I have pasted in all screenshots. Please also here, warn the new user beforehand that he is only allowed to upload 4 pictures! This is UX 101.

So I have to write a second comment to finally have all the information in an acceptable quality attached to this topic :frowning: