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Unless I've missed it, I don't see a way to have BTT trigger a keyboard shortcut in Safari specific to the current URL. I use a JavaScript application in Safari that has several built-in keyboard shortcuts - in this case Fn-[Left] and Fn-[Right], which are and . Fn-[Left] and Fn-[Right] in any other Safari page are [Page Up] and [Page Down]. If I reassign Fn-[Left] and Fn-[Right] in BTT to and , so that I have a consistent shortcut throughout Safari, Fn-[Left] and Fn-[Right] no longer work in that particular JavaScript application. If I could filter the BTT shortcut by URL, I could work around this issue. Any thoughts most appreciated.

You could try a conditional activation group that matches the window title. Maybe the site has some unique title you can use.

For other browsers there are extensions to put the url in the window title, but I don’t think there are any for Safari

Thank you for your reply.

I must be very stupid, but I cannot find any documentation on "Conditional Activation Groups", and searching the Forum seems to show that I'm looking at a slightly different interface:

on the very bottom left, press the + button to add a new app - this also allows to create conditional activation groups

Ah! Thanks. Is there documentation on this somewhere?

And how do I get the info panel to display the window title for the particular Safari window I'm trying to identify:

Ah again! Nevermind - I think I've got it.

Well, though I now understand how to do conditional activation groups, it's not the solution to my problem. The "Window Title" trigger won't work - the particular javascript app I'm using, WriterDuet, titles each of its windows/tabs with the name of the script project I have open - there's no "universal" name I can use for BTT.

Back to the drawing board...

unfortunately in that das it would require a safari extension that would tell BTT which website is active - if you’d be using Google Chrome or Edge you could use this extension:

Maybe you can find something similar for Safari

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