Feature request: size and position of a window.

@Andreas_Hegenberg I'm not entirely sure that doesn't already exist. I would imagine that you could set the size and position of a window very easily. I see two possibilities.

  1. you position a window where you want it and tell BTT to save position and size in an action (named trigger?). This action can be activated with a trigger and applies the saved values to a selected (front) window. So, similar to a snap area, but simpler. A snap area does not represent the window, but the area where a window must be dragged into.

Or the values would be entered directly into this action. Doing this by hand is really complicated.

  1. you open an area with the mouse (drag), as if you were taking a screen shot of part of the screen. These settings would then be saved by BTT and can be applied to each (front) window with a trigger.
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Good idea. I think I have most of the code that's necessary for something like this already... just need to combine a few existing things.


That's what I was hoping for. :slightly_smiling_face:

A thought about the snap areas: They are cool. But I stopped using this feature because I don't like the constant dragging.

Imagine I could press and hold a modifier (eg fn) that shows me all available snap ares. Now I only need to click in an area and the front window is moved there. Click instead of drag. What do you think? :slightly_smiling_face:

Also good point, I'll add a predefined actions to show / hide snap areas for selection. (Similar to the edit snap areas action, but when clicking one it would just activate it).
That should only be a few lines of code