Feature Bloat - Should've focused on Touch Bar functionality

I purchased btt because I loved how I can customise my Touch Bar to interact with my apps and my system overall.
What I dislike, it's trying to do everything! I don't need window snapping for example, I already bought a dollar app and it does only that and it works really well. Keyboard triggers, clipboard managers, these are best handled by a designated app IMHO. My mac has now slowed down significantly when BTT is running. When I type something to the terminal which I do a lot as a developer, I get lag or my keystrokes don't register at all so I had to turn BTT off. We are in the age of microservices architecture if not post, where we develop small services that works really well. BTT is this big monolith app with so much bloat. I know I can turn off the features I don't want but I hope you'll consider my grievance. Thank you I hope I will continue to find BTT useful for a long time. I'd still pay the same price for BTT if it would only provide me with the Touch Bar functionality.

P.S. I just realised it's called Better Touch Tool and Not Better Touch Bar Tool

sorry, Touch Bar is just one of the latest additions to BTT. It's other functions have been there for ~10 years and are why BTT is so successful :grinning:

That's just the concept of BTT and also what makes it so powerful. However BTT doesn't activate features unless they are configured. If you Mac slows down with BTT it's most likely due to a conflict with some other app. (This is also a reason to only have one of these apps, because the APIs necessary to do stuff like BTT does on macOS really don't like if multiple apps are using them)

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Thank you for your response, and pardon me for my frustration because I really love your app.
Fair enough, I'll continue to troubleshoot what is causing the slowdown.
Thank you for the tip about the APIs being run by multiple apps.

So I tried disabling other 3rd party apps I have KeyboardMaestro, Clipboard manager but none seem to work. I tried to download older versions of BTT instead, latest June release was already slow, then I tried June 15 v3.075, and that made my interaction with the Terminal smooth again even with my other 3rd party apps running.

possibly downgrading did load an older configuration which didn't contain keyboard shortcuts or other features? (in which case BTT won't activate the feature related APIs)

In the latest version I added a small helper tool which slightly increases BTT's process priority - this might help if your CPU is busy. It can be installed in the advanced general settings.

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Yeah I've noticed some of my buttons are missing from the touchbar. Although they are just Touch Bar buttons inside a group to open a URL. I'll try to add all of them back and observe if there's other that would cause the slowdown, I'll also give the helper tool a try later on, thank you so much