F-Keys do not work completely reliably in BTT

I am pleased to report that the "freezing" of BTT after the mac wakes up no longer occurs for me. All shortcuts and gestures work immediately and normally.

There is only one exception: the F-Keys and as far as I can see only when BTT is the front app.

I use the F-Keys to switch to the different sections in BTT. A third of the time I have to switch the front app first and then return to BTT before they work.

This is just for your information. I can live with it just fine. But if you can find the bug, I'll live even better. :slightly_smiling_face:

that sounds like secure input could be blocking these after wakeup. I recently implemented some changes that make left/right modifier shortcuts work with the system standard hotkey API (which BTT falls back to if Secure Input is active), however F keys will not yet work with the standard API.

Do you know whether BTT shows a warning about secure input when clicking its menubar icon?

I'll check that the next time it happens.

I think I've discovered at least one reason why the F-Keys sometimes don't work in BTT.

When I paste something from the Clipboard Manager (with double click) into the "paste own text" action, it doesn't work. Instead, the BTT window flickers, BTT "freezes" and the F-Keys stop working. When I change the front app everything goes back to normal.

Example: The cursor is in the text field of the action. Double click the blue "Ihnen" does not paste, but blocks BTT. Secure input is not activated.

Maybe you can reproduce this?

Very interesting but doesn't seem to reproduce here (at least not on my macOS Sonoma machine, will try on Ventura tomorrow!)