Exposé - direct to desktop

Hi everyone!

Been an avid user of BTT for a while, just for context. I've been bothered by something in MacOS for a long time: when in fullscreen mode, it's not possible to reach the desktop with CMD + Exposé (F3).

I waited for a long time for Apple to either change that or simply finding workarounds, but I just now thought that BTT could probably help (:man_facepalming: should have thought about it before).

I managed to get the result I want, but it's not perfect. Here's my current setup:

  1. Shortcut: CMD + Exposé (F3)
  2. Switch to Desktop 1
  3. Delay next action by 0.24 seconds (because of the exposé transition)
  4. Show Desktop

So it works really well... except that since I would like to avoid using a separate keyboard shortcut and keep CMD + Exposé (F3), the delay executes even when I'm already on Desktop 1. I'd like it to skip the keyboard shortcut altogether when I'm already on Desktop 1 and I thought it was possible with conditional activation groups, but alas... there's no variable containing the current desktop.

Am I missing something? Is there an action that would cancel the "Go to desktop 1" if it's already there?

TL:DR; I'd like to have a keyboard shortcut only activate if I'm on fullscreen mode / in another desktop than Desktop 1.

Thanks everyone :metal: