Explicit Magick Mouse 2 Support

I paid for the lifetime license because supporting developers is important.
A question and a comment on the funnel that got me here -

  1. I need Apple Magick Mouse 2 presets for Better Touch Tool.

  2. The funnel that got me here deals almost exclusively with Touchbar presets, which my iMac doesn't have, further there doesn't appear to be a tag specifically for the Magick Mouse 2 customer base. The funnel was BetterTouchTool --> Configuration --> Presets --> Show Community Presets.

Multi-touch on the Magick Mouse 2 introduces amazing, but combinatorial complexity, of possible gesture definitions. It would be nice to standardize these gestures so they are interoperable among the trackpad, iPhone and mouse itself. This mouse is like having a touch pad under ones palm and there is a natural extension of current gesture conventions that would be nice not to have to reinvent.

Some users, like myself, simply do not have the time to join a club and attend meetings centered around the exponential possibilities of just one input appliance. Imagine if you had to do that for your coffee-maker, washer, dryer, fridge, freezer and hair dryer. Instead it should work like any other utility and match reasonable expectations of what people have discovered in other multi-touch contexts, like phones, tablets and gaming; e.g. pinch to zoom in and out, left and right single and double click, scrolling, multi-finger gestures, etc. Compelling the user to personally enumerate combinatorial complexity is a steep slope, as Barry Schwartz's TED talk on "Too many choices" informs us. A better way is to provide a standard preset that the user can hap into discovery-through-use, and allow them to modify their personal particulars as necessary. This would an order constant, or at worst, linear time process. Right now it is a stunning work stoppage, an alien abduction into the irrelevant. Now it may be that there is, buried in the voluminous annals of this site, a solution already. But I haven't been able to find it after a reasonable time searching. I hope this feedback is useful, and mostly humorous rather annoying, and good feedback is the other way we support developers.

I think there are more touchbar presets because they are more complex to create, almost like little apps, with customisable graphic interfaces that can be interacted with in multiple ways.

I don't have a touchbar mac myself, but like you I love the magic mouse. But in terms of what you can preset... well it is more a case of picking a gesture and then picking an action. There are loads of prebuilt actions that might inspire you. One of my main ones is a keyboard shortcut to google the selected text in any app in a new browser tab. FOr my mouse, I have the obvious swipe left and right to go back and forth through history. Tip tap left and right to navigate through tabs, two finger tip tap to close tab/window. So pick any trigger and have a good explore of the available actions, when you find something that is potentially useful, then go back and browse through the available gestures to trigger it based on your mouse style.

Good luck :slight_smile: