Expandable menu bar - GC implementation

First post! Alright, so being inspired by GC, I'm trying to create an expandable 'tool/action' section in the touch bar. I've tried to retrace the implementation in GC, but have had no luck and have scratched my head to near baldness. I'm curious if this can be implemented in an easy, lightweight way that is fast/responsive, like the native touch bar.

In case I'm not making sense:

The hurdle for me is having a button trigger the conditional activation group. I'm choosing conditional activation group over normal group because I want the rest of the touch bar UI (groups section) to stay in tact. I'm aware you can have buttons show when any group is activated in the 'Common' settings for a button, but that method doesn't work well with the groups like weather and clipboard. I'm completely unsure if this is the right approach in the first place, which is why I'm here! :smile:


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