expand the area of the 'corner left click top left' on MBP trackpad for middle click

Hi all

I enjoy using the corner left click top left option to simulate a middle clicks in the trackpad. Problem is that it seems like it only works in a really tiny area. Any micro movement away from the end of the corner dosent register the correct click (and docent issue the middle click but rather a normal click)
I looked in the options and elsewhere but couldn’t find anywhere to define or change the actual area for the corner left click top left. Is that not possible?

Also: if not possible any other suggestions for a good reliable way to middle click on a trackpad?



hmm would love to get the input of the developer (@Andreas_Hegenberg) to see if thats possible at all? Or if not is it worth opening a request

thx a lot


hmm no response even from the dev (@Andreas_Hegenberg..)?

gotta say its kinda disappointing..bought a lifetime license so expected at least minimal support...

all the best


You can increase the area a bit by enabling the "Use the whole top area" option:

In general I'd however recommend something like a three finger click or tap instead.