Execute terminal command opens finder window?

Unsure if this is expected behavior, or if anyone has a suggestion for what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to create a keyboard shortcut to execute a command stored at /usr/local/shelladdons/getlatestchrome, which goes out to dl.google.com via a curl command and downloads the latest version of chrome to my desktop. However, any time I press the key I set up in BTT, it first opens a finder window, then if I press the key a second time, it creates the file on my desktop as expected. Any way to avoid this behavior, so it just goes ahead and creates the file right away?

that‘s not what should happen, BTT doesn’t use anything that would result in opening Finder in its terminal command actions.

Which exact actions are you using for this and how are they configured?

So, this issue is more confusing by the fact that it's not just terminal commands that are being impacted. I changed to running the command I wanted from a Shortcut, but now the "Run Shortcut: From Shortcuts: <...>" action is also opening a finder window before actually running. I have a Show Custom context menu action set up on the keyboard trigger Shift and F5, and one of the items in the context menu runs the "Run Shortcut" action, but it always opens a new Finder window before running the action.

Any suggestions?

Could you export your context menu (right-click => export to file) and send it to me? (andreas@folivora.ai) Then I could check what's wrong

Nevermind, I found out what was happening. Apparently if the BTT app is in the foreground, triggering an action from a context menu seems to send it to the background, but if no windows are open, it opens a new Finder window. If I already have another app in the foreground other than BTT, it works as expected.

If it would still be helpful for you to look at the behavior of running items from a context menu I can send it, but I am okay with how it works as long as BTT is not the app in the foreground.