Escape Key Launches Launchpad

Hey there,

My escape key is acting up. When Better Touch Tool is running but "hidden" (e.g. if I'm using the native system touch bar, instead of BTT), the native escape key launches and closes Launchpad, instead of acting as an escape key should. If BTT has control of my touch bar, escape works fine. The problem disappears when I close BTT.

Affected input device:
Touch Bar

Device information:

  • 2016 Macbook Pro, 13 in.
  • macOS Catalina - 10.15.2 (19C57)
  • BTT Version: Alpha 3.214 (1391) (also occurs on 3.207)

Additional information:
I noticed it for the first time a month or so ago. Might have been caused by an update, either macOS or BTT?