"Error/Nothing was returned" Python Script Widget BTT

I created a Shell Script widget for my Touch bar and below is how I did it.

But every time I run it the result is always "Error/Nothing was returned"

does it work if you run that command from the macOS Terminal?

It didn't work on the Mac OS terminal.

I updated the script to
python "/Users/stevenhollander/Desktop/Test/HelloWorld.py" and that worked!

But when I tried running with python3, it didn't work
python3 "/Users/stevenhollander/Desltop/Test/HelloWorld.py"

Output was "python3 command not found"

python 3 is not installed by default on macos - use homebrew to install that if you need it

I installed Python3.7 already and it works when I type it into bash.

After much trials, I tried the below and it seemed to work

usr/local/bin/python3.7 /Users/steve/Desktop/Test/HelloWorld.py