Engage BTT Touch Bar with modifier keys, but keep native Touch Bar app controls?

I'm very new to the program so apologies if this is a basic setting that I'm missing.

I have some widgets/buttons set up for when I hold modifier keys. I have no widgets/buttons set up for "All Apps." However I do have gestures set up for "All Apps" (swiping for brightness/volume).

When I open an app, the 'X' in the white circle shows up on the upper left of my Touch Bar. If I tap the X, then the native Touch Bar controls for the app show up (because BTT has been disabled). However, if I now hold my modifier keys, the widgets/buttons I have set up conditional on modifier keys don't show up anymore! (not until I re-open BTT.)

Is there a setting I can change so that I can have both my modifier-key Touch Bar activating through BTT, and when I'm not holding any modifier keys just have the normal native app controls show up (rather needing to X out of the blank BTT Touch Bar every time, and then reopen BTT)?