Emoji widget request

Hi. I noticed that when I tap the Emoji widget icon it opens a very small group in the touch bar. since we have a very gig touch bar, is it possible to open up the group in all the touch bar? i tried to do so but it seems the icons go under the other button....suggestions? thanks....
here some screenshots....

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What you want to do is totally possible! But I misread the thread and thought you were reporting the overlapping buttons issue, haha. My original response below:

I believe this overlap issue would be fixed by adding the “fill available space” option I mentioned in another thread @Andreas_Hegenberg. Then we could have these scrollable widgets auto-size themselves and eliminate the overlapping area.

I’m not at my computer right now, but if I get to my computer before someone else can post the answer I’ll show how to make a full-width emoji picker!

ok.....thanks for replying and I'll wait for you (or someone who shows me how to do it)....:wink: