Emoji widget feels sluggish when switching between pages

Opening the emoji tool is pretty snappy. However, switching between pages can take up to 5 seconds before options are rendered. Since there is no page picker, scrolling to the 3rd or 4th page can feel tedious.

I suspect this might be because adding an item to the bar is somewhat expensive, and especially so for large pages with many items. Maybe the list can be rendered in a virtualized way.

I think that the native iMessages emoji picker sets a good model for how the widget should behave.


Do you think you can embed the native apple emoji picker into BTT?

I think this would be much more optimised and fluid, also less maintainance if new emojis come out

no that's not possible afaik.
But I'll improve the BTT picker soon.


Even if it were just one long scrolling list with no fast category switching, that would be fine. That's basically what apple's is anyway, and it works.

maybe instead of loading multiple pages individually,

load a whole long list with labels (to mark the section, like apple's) and create an array of jump buttons that jumps to the specific position.

Initial load would be longer, but once cached should be quick?

Just a suggestion...