Emoji strip: How to search, how to show recently used

I have the emoji strip added to the TouchBar for all apps where "typing" is a thing. Since ... years? I am not sure when I bought BTT but it is there since the start. I never use it!

I would use it, but it is pretty much useless:

  • If I want a specific emoji I find myself swiping like an idiot :rofl:
  • If I want an emoji I use often, I find myself wiping :rofl: :rofl:

Thus... is it somehow possible to:

  • trigger an emoji search. Ideally? with a : like we are used to in other nerdy tools
  • show a section of say... the last 10 used emojis at the start of the stripe?

Thanks for any insights and tips

PS: BTT is the reason I still use a 3 years old MacBook. Since they removed the touchbar after adding that useless thing, and @Andreas_Hegenberg producing BTT... there is no going forward for me anymore. Love it. Let's hope the scatterbrains over at Apple decide one day to bring it back, just like MagSafe

The last 10 used ... I don't know. But you can display your favorite emojis first.