EasyDay Info Bar with Basic Controls (work in progress and frequently updated)

May 16, 2020
*Made and tested on a MBP 16 inch with Catalina 10.15.4.

Hey there how's it going!

I'm excited to post here my first preset, please don't hesitate to comment and let me know your thoughts.

The EasyDay Info Bar with Basic Controls.
Easy Day Info Bar with Basic Controls.bttpreset (434.9 KB)

About the preset:

I tailor made this bar to suit my own needs and will keep updating it, adding more features to it and hopefully optimise it as time goes by.

The setup contains 2 bars, the Home Bar (the default) and the Fn Bar (shown when Fn button is pressed). The logic is to show basic info and vital controls in the Home Bar, and show more complex controls in the Fn Bar.

The Home Bar:

From left to right -

  • Window Control:
    -Maximize current window (long press restores it and put in the centre of the screen)
    -Put window to the left and make it occupy the left 2/3 of the screen
    -Put window to the right and make it occupy the right 1/3 of the screen
  • Player Control
  • Now Playing:
    • Show the Artist, the Title, and the Duration of the current media being played.
    • Press to Pause and Resume playback
      -Volume Control
      -Time and Date
      -Battery Info

The FnBar:

From left to right:

  • Force Quit
  • Dark Mode
  • True Tone
  • Turbo Boost Switch
  • Display Brightness
  • Keyboard Backlight Brightness
  • Screenshot
  • Caffeine
  • Sleep

It's rather simple and I hope you guys enjoy it. It would be greatly appreciated if you can give some feedback on any issues or advices. Again, thank you!

Oh I forgot to mention that there might be some Chinese characters here and there since I made this on a Mac which is set to use Chinese as the default language. I am more than happy provide an English version on request, though.