Dynamically generated widgets

It would be really nice to have an ability to dynamically create widgets based on the result of the scripts. Now we have the ability to create a widget based on the script's returned value.

What if we allow scripts to return the array of values and we simply create dynamically widgets as they are now.

For example having the result ["a", "b", "c"]

we would have:
widget1 with text "a"
widget2 with text "b"
widget3 with text "c"

You can do it with apple script or https://github.com/Worie/btt :wink: There's an example section that can give you just a little bit of an inight of how to achieve it.

I'm curious about this. Am I right in thinking that touch bar widgets can be created using add_new_trigger()? If so, how does one go about deciding where widgets go on the touch bar? Position, in a group ..?