Dynamic Mouse Zoom

Trying to maximize my productivity and ease-of-use (aren't we all?). One thing I do a lot is working with multiple images. In working with them, I frequently find it helpful to dynamically zoom in and out. On a trackpad this is easy with pinch/unpinch gestures, but I don't always want to use the trackpad.

In Ubuntu in the past I've been able to set it up fairly easily to use gestures such as either holding down the ctrl key and using the mouse wheel, or holding the right-click button and using the wheel, to quickly zoom in and out. Are either/both of these things something I can set up with BTT? If anyone knows another way I'm curious to hear any other options as well. The Accessibility Zoom feature, while nice, is suboptimal because I want to zoom at the application content level (e.g. images or document text).

Thanks for any help!