Duplicate gesture result issue

I don't know if this one is a bug report or question so I will post here and feel free to move it.

For years I have used the following trackpad gestures (see screenshot below) on my 2015 MacBook Pro, primarily for use in Firefox and Chrome.


I am new to this site and have attempted to upload a screenshot, but am still getting used to the controls, so will see if it posts. The gestures are 3 finger click: middle click, 3 finger swipe right is option command right arrow, 3 finger swipe left is option command left arrow, 5 finger click is command W.

The 3 finger swipes work great to cycle through tabs on a site like Reddit, but the clicks are buggy.

An example of my workflow is as follows: 3 finger click links on Reddit and they open in several tabs, 3 finger swipe to cycle through those tabs, once I have read the content on a tab and am finished, 5 finger click to close that tab.

The issues I experience are as follows:

1.) The pressure needed to actuate a 3 finger click varies widely with the force function on my MacBook

2.) Even with light and quick 3 finger clicks, several of the same tabs will often open all at once or ortherwise not at all. I feel a "flutter" and hear multiple clicks from the trackpad when several tabs open at once.

3.) 5 finger click often requires a lot of pressure and does not always register.

Any suggestions? I am also open to using different gestures if there is a better way to accomplish this example workflow.

Also, can someone please advise of how to receive an email each time that I receive a reply to a thread like this? On other forums I think this is usually called "instant email notification".

Could you check what the Force Touchpad settings in the advanced settings look like?
The default would be this:

Thanks. Please see attached screenshot.