Draggable Floating WebView

Hi all

I have created a floating WebView to display some tools when I use my favorite soft FileMaker.
I achieved a good result with a HTML page and the CSS associated....

Now, for a better UX I want to make the floating window draggable...
I found an example on the web, I have a good result when I try my code with CODA app (the text editor dedicated to the dev...) but when I run the script from BTT I can't drag the palette menu

any idea if it is possible to maker the floating web view draggable ???


I've been able to make windows draggable using jquery ui. In my experience though doing this with javascript causes the background not to redraw properly and leaves ghost image trails so I abandoned this. I even tried having javascript redraw the document on drag with no luck.

I also found that using javascript I was limited to the size of the window defined in bettertouchtool which I couldnt "click through" so in my case I had to make it my entire screen to drag around.

You could always enable "Show windows buttons" and "Draw title bar bezel" in the action configuration for your webview as if titlebars work for your needs. That's the only way I've been able to get it to work the way I wanted.